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Code of Ethics
(Adults and Children)
Indian Head Soccer Association

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to establish a standard in which the ethical conduct of the IHSA membership can be measured.

It protects both the children and the adults. It also protects the IHSA and enhances our image. The Code of Ethics orients our members to their responsibilities and acquaints them with the consequences of a breach of those responsibilities. The Standards of Practice clarify and further interpret the Articles of the Code of Ethics.

Article 1:
In accepting membership in the IHSA, all members agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as the Standards of Practice in performance of IHSA activities or duties.

Article 2:
A member should make every effort to keep himself/herself informed on matters affecting soccer in their community.

Article 3:
All members should endeavor to be informed regarding the rules of soccer and the IHSA for the well-being of the children.

Article 4:
It is the duty of all members to protect the IHSA against fraud, misrepresentation, and unethical practice in the performance of IHSA activities.

Article 5:
A} No member should seek unfair advantage over any other member.
B} Each member should conduct his/her duties so as to avoid controversies with other members.
C} If an opinion is sought, and if the member deems it appropriate to respond, such opinion should be rendered with integrity and courtesy.

Article 6:
In the best interests of the game, and of their associates, all members should willingly share with other members, their lessons of experience, and or study, for the benefit of the game.

Article 7:
All members should be loyal to the IHSA and make every effort to be active in its programs.

Article 8:
A} All members should avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation or concealment of pertinent facts involving the IHSA.
B} He/She should be sure of the facts before making any statments regarding the IHSA or it's activities.

Article 9:
A} No member shall deny any person for reasons of race, creed, sex, or country of national origin.
B} No member shall be a party to any plan or agreement to discriminate against a person or persons on the basis of race, creed, sex, or country of national origin.

Article 10:
A} All coaches are expected to provide a level of competent service in keeping with the Standards of Practice and the Guidelines of the IHSA.
B} All members shall refer to the Standards of Practice of the IHSA, as to the degree of competence that a child or parent has a right to expect the member to possess.

Article 11:
In the event of a controversy between members, and/or members associated with different organizations, arising out of their relationship as members, the member shall submit the dispute to arbitratin in accordance with the IHSA Guidelines, rather than litigate or take matters into their own hands.

Article 12:
While performing the duties of the IHSA, members shall not accept any commission, rebate, or profit on expenditure made for the IHSA.

Article 13:
During the performance of IHSA - related duties, no member shall engage in any activity that constitutes a violation of our country's laws.

Article 14:
No member shall publicly disparage the practices of another member.

Standards of Practice

Standard 1: Medical
A} All members must abide by a doctor or parent's decision in all matters concerning a player's health or injury, as to his/her physical ability to play soccer.
B} The coaches must not allow any child to enter or re-enter a game or practice, if there is any doubt as to the seriousness of an injury.

Standard 2: Abuse
A} Members must not unduly criticize players in front of other members, or other players.
B} No person connected with IHSA shall use physical or verbal abuse against spectators, parents, players, game officials, coaches, or other members.
C} No person connected with the IHSA shall use profanity of any nature while conducting activities or duties of the IHSA.
D} All persons concerned should accept the decisions of the officials as being fair and called to the bestvof their abilities.
E} Any disputes concerning a game should be directed to the coach. The coaches will then inform the Association President.

Standard 3: Under the Influence:
A} No person connected with the IHSA shall appear in public under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time, while conducting the activities or duties of the IHSA.
B} All coaches and assistant coaches should refrain from the use of tobacco products during the games and practice.

Standard 4: Knowledge:
A} Members should read, understand to the best of their ability, and observe the rules set forth by the F.I.F.A. laws and as modified by Charles County Public Facilities.
B} All coaches and assistant coaches must strive to keep themselves informed on all matters affecting their responsibilities.
C} All coaches and assistants should adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Guidelines of the IHSA.
D} All coaches and assistant coaches are responsible for all duties assigned to their team.

Standard 5: Sportsmanship:
A} No coach or assistant coach should deliberately run up the score in a game.
1} For example, if your team is ahead by 4 goals the coach should make every effort to prevent them from scoring more goals. This can be done by giving players an opportunity to play positions they do not normally play.
B} All persons connected with the IHSA shall strive to prevent dissension, and try to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all participants in the soccer program.

The above Standards of Practice of the IHSA, should help all of us to achieve three major goals:

1. To have fun - coaches, players and parents.
2. To help young people develop:
physically,- by learning sports skills, improving physical conditioning, developing good health habits, and avoiding injuries.
psychologically,- by learning to control their emotions and develop feelings of self worth.
socially, by learning how to cooperate in a competitive context and by learning appropriate standards of behavior [SPORTSMANSHIP].
3. To have each child be the best he or she can be.

Indian Head Soccer Enforcement

ARBITRATION - Is the resolution of a dispute between two or more IHSA members arising out of the normal conduct of soccer business.

Violation of The Code of Ethics

A violation of the C.O.E. is an offense against the IHSA and it's membership.
A Standard of Practice may be cited in support of the charge that particular article of the code has been violated.
A grievance committee should be set up of six IHSA members. This committee should be a standing Committee that should investigate a complaint and evaluate it to determine if it is a violation of the C.O.E. or is a candidate for arbitration. If a violation of the C.O.E. is determined to be the case, the Committee should convene a hearing to gather all pertinent facts. In cases determined by the IHSA board members to be an emergency, the Executive Board may remove a coach by majority vote.


Discipline should be fair and responsible and should fit the offense. Examples of sanctions are: