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Southern Maryland Youth Soccer League

The League

A. Philosophy-The Southern Youth Soccer League [SMYSL] is first and foremost a recreational sports program. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for Charles County youth to participate in soccer within designated age divisions, and to to learn fundamental soccer skills and good sportsmanship. This program stresses maximum participation while having fun through organized sports. [Note--Coaches are required to play each player for at least half of each scheduled game]. These guidlines will govern practice and games at all times.

B. Administation-All leagues will operate under the jurisdiction of the Charles County Department of Public Facilities, Parks and Grounds Office. Guildlines are subject to a review and changes can be made at the discretion of the League Director. Any questions or discepancies should be brought to the League Director"s attention.

C. Format-The program is divided into the following age groups U7; U9; U12; U14;U18-[high school league]. All age divisions will play the following formats:

U7: 4 v 4 no goalie,Small Field,

U9: Seven-on-A-Side,Intermediate Field

U12: Eight-on-A-Side,Intermediate Field

U14: Eleven-on-A Side,Regulation Field

U18: Eleven-on-A Side, Regulation Field

Each age group will be considerd as a league. League play will be a round robin schedule, consisting of a minimum of eight games and a maximum of ten games . No post season tournament.

D. Safety Concerns-Heat Policy- There is a consierable danger concerning heat stress/exhaustion during outdoor physical activities which occur during late spring, summer and early fall. All participants should be monitored closely. Because of equipment worn, football players are particulary susceptible to water depletion in the body. However, all athletes are at risk and necessary precautions need to be taken for all sports.

Coaches shall pay particular attention to extreme weather conditions and make adjustment in thier practice schedules when approtiate. When the heat index[air temperature plus relative humidity] reaches 84 or higher, the following retrictions listed below must be followed:

Heat Index Reading Restriction
105 Plus DANGER! Discontinue regular practice.Very short restricted practice is permitted. Make sure all athletes drink water.
94-104 EXTREME CAUTION! Modify practice with required water breaks every 30 minutes. Observe athletes carefully for signs of heat injuries. Make sure all athletes drink water.
84-93 WARNING! Provide a mandatory ten{10} minutes rest per 45 minutes of activity. Water is to be available at all times.
Below 83 NO RESTRICTIONS.Monitor the heat index for incresees. Water is to be available at all times.

President and Coaches: A. President and coaches shall be the respective association/team represetatives, and shall be responsible for the following:

1.Being laison between the League Director and their respective teams. Responsible for the safety and well-being of all soccer players.

2.Attending all president/coaches meetings.

3.Informing teams members and parents about all information pertaining to the league[rules, regulation, schedule, etc]

4.Responsible for the conduct of team members and spectators.

5.Reinforce the plilosophy of the league to all players.

6.Obtaining and returning all pertinent information to the Director such as franchise fees, registration forms, roster etc.

7.Coaches are responsible for ensuring that all roster information, including assistant coaches names and phone numbers, remain current throughout the season.

8.Participate in the Public facilities Coaches Certification program, including completion of a criminal Background Investigation [if required], and adhering to the youth coaches"s Code of Ethics.

9.Coaches are reminded that administering any type of drug to players is absolutely prohibited and is in violation of NYSCA Code of Ethics,SMYSL advisory Board,and the Department of Public Facilities. Violators will be subject to expulsion from Public Facilty programs.

TEAM MEMBERSHIP: A. The maximum roster size [U14 division/U18 division ] is limited to 18 players] a roster may exceed 18 players at the discretion of the League Director. The minimum roster size is 12 players.

1. Rosters and registration forms are due by the designated date listed on the soccer calender. Additions to rosters may be made by submitting a registration form to the League Director. Those players are eligible to play once the signed registration forms have been recieved by the Public Facilities office. Written notice must be recieved from the Association President when a player has withdrawn from the respetive association once the season has started.

2.Rosters are frozen at 4:00pm on the Friday prior to to the second weekend of the scheduled games.

3.Teams will consist of maximum of one head coach and two assisstants.

a.For NYSCA insurance purpose, A NYSCA certified coach 16-17 of age must be coaching under the supervision of a certified coach 18 years or older. NYSCA certification is not available under age of 16.

b. NYSCA coaches certifications will be paid for by the Department of Public Facilities.

c.Payment for 2 criminal background checks will be provided by Public Facilties, for each association per season. Additional background checks will be the resposibility of each individual association.

B. Seven-A-Side [U7, U9]and Eight-A-Side [U12] rosters cannot consist of more 12 players and no less than 10 players.

C. Team Selection Policy: C 1.Players will be distributed evenly among teams to age, sex, and experience.

2.Teams may not retain the same players from season to season, from any League, and each association must conduct their team selection process prior to each season.

a. Exeception: The U7 league will be allowed to maintain the same roster for both spring and Fall saesons, during each calender year. However, new U7 teams will be formed prior to the start of the start of the Spring Season each year. This rule only applies to to the U7 teams.

D. Select Players Status: 1.Any player who is Currently participating in a select program shall be considered select status.

2.Select players must be distributed as evenly as possible among teams in each individual age divisions, per association.

3.11 vs 11,9 vs 9: No team may have more than 2 select players on their team/roster. 8 vs 8, 7 vs 7 No team may have more than 1 select player on their team/roster.

Player Eligibility: Any team which knowingly plays a non rostered or illegal player will automatically forfiet that game that the illegal players{s} participated in In addition;

1. The coach will be suspened for the next 2 scheduled games

2.In the event it is determined that the illegal player is from another team within the Public Faciilities SMYSL league, then the player will be suspended from their assigned team for the next 2 scheduled games.

3. Any further violations of the player eligibility rule may result in the coach or player{s} being suspended for the remainder of the season.

U7 Division: 1.Spring Season: Player's age determined as of January 1 of current year

2.Fall Season: Players age determined as of August 1 of current year.

C. U9, U12, U14, U18: 1. Players age determined as of August 1 of current school year.

D. Residency: Players must be residents of Charles County [except those who participate in the Accokeek program].

1. Players who move from one area to another once the season begins must finish the season where the started. These players cannot be placed on another team.

Match rules: A. Except as otherwise stated, the current Federation International Football Association[F.I.F.A.] Laws of the Game shall govern all public Facilities-sponsored league games.

B. Starting the Match:

U7, U9, Leagues:A minimum of 5 players per team is needed to start a match.

U12 Divisions:A minimum of six[6] players per team are needed to start match.

U14 Divisions: A minimum of nine[9] players per team are needed to start match.

U18 Divisions: A minimum ofseven [7] players per team are needed to start match.

1.A 15 minute grace period shall be observed.

2.As soon as the minimum is achieved, the match must start [prior to the grace period elapsing].

3.If a team starts the match with the minimum numbers of players, and then falls below the minimum number for any reason other than injury, the match will be terminated and the team will forfeit the match.

4.If a team falls below the minimum players do to an injury player will be given a 10 minute grace period to return before game is terminated.

5.HOME TEAM-- The second team listed on the schedule shall be the home team. Home team will be given choice of sideline. Visiting team will take opposite side of field.

C.Field of Play: The following age divisions shall play on the designated field.

1. U7: 150' Long x 90' Wide[Small Field]

2. U9 and U12 : 200' Long x 130' Wide [Intermediate Field]

3. U14 and U18: 320' Long x 170' Wide [Regulation Field]

4. Special Rules: a.Spectator Line:A solid line 2 yards outside of and parallel to the sideline. All coaches, players,and spectators must stay clear of the lane to provide a safety area for all concerned. The official linesman must operate in this corridor.

b.Coaching area: Coaches and players are to be located within 10 yards in either direction of the mid field line. Coaching will be limited to this area. Persistent violation of this rule will result in a caution and possible disqualification. Solid lines 5 yards long and perpendicular to the spectator line will denote this area.

5. Corner flags are required at all fields.

6.Goal Area: The following goals areas will be used for the respective leagues.

a. U7 Division: 3 yards x 6 yards[9'x18']

b. U9, U12: Divisions:

4 1/2 yards x 9 yards[13.5' x 27']

c. U14, U18 Divisions: 6 yards x 20 yards[18' x 60']

7. Goal Sizes:

a. U7: 19'W x 7'H.

b. U9, U12, Divisions: 19'W x 7'H.

c U14, U18 Divisions: 24' W x 8H.

D. Duration of Match:

1. Games will be played in halves; execpt 6-Under, which will be played in quarters.

2. Half-time will not exceed 10 minutes.

3. Game Times will be as follows:

a. U7 {4}-10 minutes quarters.

b. U9 {2}-20 minutes halves

c. U12 [2]-25 minuets halves.

d.U14 [2]-30 minutes halves.

e.U18 [2] 30 minutes halves.

Player Equipment:

E. 1. The following equipment items are approved for use during the current season. Referee examination of players equipment prior to the match is mandatory.

a.Ball Size:

1. U7: #3 Ball

2. U9: #4 Ball

3. U12 #4 Ball

4. All other leagues/divisions will use the #5 Ball

b. Uniforms: 1. Home teams must wear scrimmage vest if a color conflict exist.

2. The goalie must wear a jersey with colors which distinguish his/her from the players of both teams and from the referee.

c. Footwear: 1.Players must wear sneaker or molded cleats. No street shoes of any type are permitted.

d. Shingaurds: 1.MANDATORY for game and practice participation.

e. Eyeglasses: 1. Players wearing glasses must secure them with a strap.

f. No metal belt buckles allowed.

g. Jewelry--will not be worn by any participant.

h.Cast of any kind must be covered on all exterior surfaces with no less than 1/2 inch thick padding. Only cast below the elbow will be permitted. A release letter from a qualified physician must be presented to the League Director before approval to play will be granted.

i. No protective gear of any kind.

F. Substitution Rules[U12 Division/U14 Divisions/U18 Division]: 1.There is no limit on the number of substitutions; however each child should play an entire half before he/she is substituted for [6-Under {2} complete quarters].

2. Substitutions may be made, with the approval of the referee, at the following times:

a. Prior to a throw ins by the team in possesion.

b. Prior to a goal kick by either team.

c. After a goal by either team.

d. After an injury, by either team, when referee stops play.

e. At half time.

f. The official must be notified only when substituting goal keeper.

3. All substitutes must enter the field of play from the vicinity of the mid field line. Players may leave from any point.

4. No substitutes for a disqualified player.

G. Goalkeeper:

1. In the judement of the referee, intentionally charging the goalkeeper will result in a direct kick and ejection of the charging person{s}.

2. There will be NO direct in the 5-6 age group.

3. During a seven-a-side match, the goal keeper:

a. can play the ball anywhere on the field of play.

b. Cannot play the ball with their hands if the ball is intentionally played to them by their own player's feet, unless it is from a kick-in.

H. Referee's Whistle:

1. When a call is made, the referee should make a verbal call as well as a hand signal.

I. Slide Tackle:

1. Prohibited in 6-Under; 8-Under; 10-Under Divisions.

a. Penalty card will result for violation.

2. Permitted for U14 and U18 Division.

J. Injury:

1. Play will stop at the discretion of the referee.

2. Play restarts with drop of ball.

3. If bleeding results from a injury, the player will be removed from the game until the bleeding has stopped and the open wound is bandaged. If there is excess blood on the player's jersey, it will have to be changed.

K. U7 Division Special Rules: 1. No offsides.

2. Goal kicks may be taken as far out as the penalty kick mark. The goal box will be extended out 6 feet by an imaginary line to include the penalty mark, for goal kicks only.

3. There will be no penalty kick for the U7 division.

4. Coaches should not be in the goal area any time.

L. Seven-A-Side Rules [U7, U9,]: All Sevev-A Side games will be played using F.I.F.A rules with the following modifications.

1. Field of Play: All games will be played on Intermediate-size soccer fields. [Exception 6-Under will play on Small Field].

2. Rosters; No Seven-A-Side roster should consist of of more than 12 players. Rosters will be frozen on the Friday prior to the second weekend of scheduled games.

3. Substitutions can be made on the fly. There will be no limit to the number of substitutions made during a game.

a. The official must be notified only when substituting the goal keeper.

b. Any player receiving a yellow card can be substituted. Any player receiving a red card cannot be substituted.

4.Penalty kicks: Penalty kicks will be taken from the Penalty Mark on each field.

5. Offsides: There will be no offsides in this league.

6. Free Kicks: The opposition should be at least 6 yards from the kicker.

7. Throw-ins: There will be throw-ins instead of kick-ins.

8. Goalkeepers: Goalkeepers can play the ball anywhere on the field of play.Goalkeepers may not touch the ball with their hands when they are located outside of the penalty box.

a. Goalkeepers cannot play the ball with their hands, if the ball is intentionally played to them by their own player's feet--they can however, kick the ball beyond the mid-line[any distance is permitted]. Goalies are allowed to score.

9. Referee: All Seven-A-Side games will only require 1 official.

10. Penalty Acculmulations:A Player recieving a red card will be ejected from the game, and cannot be substituted. In addition, he or she will be suspended from that point, and the next game.

a. Any player recieving a yellow card will have to sit out of the for a minimum of two(2)minutes -- these players can be substituted.

M. Eight-A-Side Rules(U12 Division): All Eight-A-Side games will be played using F.I.F.A rules: 1. Offside: Will be enforced in this league.

2. Substitutions: See page 7 for explaination of F.I.F.A. substitution rules.

VI. LEAGUE REGULATIONS: A. Program Attendant: There will be a Program Attendant scheduled at each game site.

1. The Program Attendant will be responsible for maintaining copies of the rules, guidelines, and team roster.

2. The Program Attendant is not responsible for resolving problems at the game site however, they will be responsible for preparing and submitting game reports, incidents and accident reports, and information concerning protest or other problems/concerns.

3. If a protest occurs during a game the Program Attendant will collect all pertnent information for submission, and the game will continue being played under protest[the attendant will not be responsible for resolving these matters at the game site.

4. If a Program Attendant is not available during acontest then each head coach may report any unusual situations to the League Director concerning their game.

B. Conduct: 1. NYSCA Coaches Codes of Ethics must be signed and adhered to by all coaches.

a) Violations may be cause for dismissal.

2. Coaches and players will be assessed two(2) yellow cards and five(5)points for red cards during matches. Any coach or player who accumulates ten(10) or more points during a season will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

3. Any coach or player receiving two(2) yellow cards in one game will automatically receive a red card and be disqualified from the match.

4. A coach or player disqualified will be suspended from the next scheduled match.Anyone who is ejected from the game must leave the playing area within [60] seconds and may not return to the field after the match. Failure to do so could result in a forfiet.

5. The respective Association will be responsible for replacing suspended coaches.

6. Team coaches are responsible for the actions of their spectators and could be penalized as a result. Spectators are not allowed to stand along either end line( or around the goal box area).

C. League Standings: Points are kept as follows, and Wins/Losses. No standings will be recorded for 6-Under Divisions.

a) Win= 3 points

b) Tie= 1 point

c) Loss= 0 points

D. Tie-Break Procedures: will only be used if teams are tied in regular season standings.

A) Won/Loss record in head to head competition.

B) Point differential in head to head competition.

1. Least points allowed by teams still tied.

C) Point differential against entire league.

1. Least points allowed by teams still tied.

D) If possible and necessary, a play-off will be held.

1. If teams are tied at the end of regular season and one of the teams has won one(1) or more games by forfeit

a) Game(s) which were won by forfeit will not be included in head to head competition(tie-break procedures).

b) The game in which each opponent played against team which forfeited, will be eliminated from head to head competition.

c) Example: Team A and B have identical win/loss record at the conculsion of regular season. Team C has a forfeit to Team A, but won or lost to Team B by playing a game and not forfeiting. Because of the forfeit of Team C to Team A, the game with Team C and B will not be recognized as a forfeit and both games with Team C will not be included in the head to head competition (tie break procedures). This rule may be duplicated as often as necessary.

F. Awards: Any awards given by the Associations or parents will not be endorsed by Public Facilities and may be given solely at the Association's discretion.