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Soccer Tips

Indian Head Soccer Association


Shooting with the Inside of the Foot

When shooting with the inside of the foot the emphasis is on accuracy and not power. This skill will be used from close range, as it is not a power shot. Composure is needed in game situations to deliberately pick your spot on goal and place it where you intended to go.


* Your eyes should be looking down and your head kept steady.
* The non kicking foot should be placed far enough to the side of the ball to allow a free swinging movement to the shooting leg.
* The kicking foot is turned outward so that the shoe makes contact with the ball at right angles to the goal.
* The ankle must be firm.
* In order to keep the ball low, the contact on the shoe on the ball must be through the horizontal mid line of the ball.
* Keep a positive attitude toward shooting and be determined to score every time.

Ball Juggling

Overall confidence is a product of knowing your abilities. To have confidence in performing a skill is knowing that you have mastered the technique involved. The quickest method to develop your individual technique is through repetition of performance. Ball juggling using the head produces the confidence to control Aerial balls with your head in game situations.


* Your eyes should be looking at the ball at all times.
* Feet must be separated to obtain a good stance for balance and ball control.
* Adjust your body constantly to keep under the path of the ball.
* Use the surface of the forehead, with the head tilted backwards.
* Consideration of 'touch' when heading the ball back into the air is important. If the ball is headed too hard it will travel out of the boundaries set. If the ball is headed too softly it will not rebound sufficiently to continue the heading process.

Tips taken from Soccer Made Easy CD.